"Detonation Day" b/w"Eavesdroppin' Baby"

Rick “Action Boy” Uppling takes the lead vocals on this wild ride into explosive detonation!  Get in your fallout shelter IMMEDIATELY! This is NOT a TEST!

On side B Dave sings about his suspicious gal monitoring all his “activities” over a minor groove.

"Ballin' Jack" b/w"Morbid Teenage Love song"

Here we have a swingin' number featuring the fellas doing their very best to channel some scratchy R&B records from back in the day with some help from Josh Bell on baritone sax.

The second side is a tongue in cheek homage to the Teen tragedy songs of the late 50's and early 1960's doo-wop era only in this one the girl dies not once…but TWICE! Twice the tragedy = twice the fun.

golly! that's a Swelltune!

We have 2 different vinyl 45 RPM singles available on Swelltune Records for purchase both recorded at the same session in summer 2017 (my how time flies!!!) with the first released in 2018 and the second after this Covid disruption mellowed out some.  “Ballin' Jack” b/w “Morbid Teenage Love Song” or “Detonation Day” b/w “Eavesdroppin' Baby”.  You can buy those 45s directly from us via the bandstand or down load the tunes here or feel free to support the excellent folks at Swelltune Records directly. We hope to have a STORE open soon for other merch and will have them there when the time arrives.

Outside the USA...

Other carriers of our Swelltunes releases

Due to the prohibitive cost of shipping to outside of the USA we encourage people to look to the following carriers of our music at an affordable rate and we thank these labels for helping spread our noise! 

Jungle Records-Finland

Bear Family Records-Germany