Three Blue Teardrops are looking forward to playing the Red Hot and Blue Festival in Brockville, Ontario on Saturday night July 20.  The Festival runs 4 days July 18-21 and you should definitely go!

We have 10 new songs in the can...Now what? 

June 2024,

Yeah, so we have been in and out of the studio in fits and starts recording songs by 3 and 4 song sessions over the last year and half and we need one more big push to get the recordings done to have enough for an ENTIRE album of music.  The average person would probably be surprised what can go into making an entire album of songs worth releasing for consumption on a shoe string budget.  If you at all care about making a quality recording worth listening to (without making everything too polished and sterile sounding) it takes a bunch of people working together towards that final goal and we as a group have had our fair share of duff tracks we released over the years. Obviously we never want to repeat the same mistake twice.  With that in mind we hope to get something fit for human consumption in the near future and wonder what to even do with it?  We are partial towards an actual vinyl album with a download card.  Most people don't even own any physical music instead preferring to pay for a service that can snatch all their music away if they don't pay their subscription.  What do you think?  Let us know? 

How did we get here?  

When we started our journey as a musical entity in Chicago the autumn of 1991 (Yes THAT long ago) we were in our very early 20s and were in it for kicks, to play some gigs, travel, meet people, have some drinks, be creative, make music, and have some laughs and contribute to a DIY music scene and take our influences and filter them through a rockabilly format. We wanted leave some tracks in the sand and we've done that and vow to continue to do that until we are no longer capable.  Our reason for forming wasn't to "get famous” and it's safe to say that after 32 years we have so far safely avoided that pitfall!  Phew. Luckily we also didn't start this band to get rich and that also is a good thing because the wealth we have acquired is not financial.  So here we are…How did we get here?  

Let the picture screen in your mind go wavy and flashback 20 years or so. We once had a website at this very website address: Three Blue Teardrops dawt com for years and years and years and it was pretty ok.  However, due to an unfortunate clerical error failed to renew the domain only to have it gobbled up and ransomed back to us at an inflated value.  That poor sucker didn't know who he was dealing with because you can't get blood from a rock!  F**k that guy!!!…We waited him out like any self-respecting working class band would, and after he spent a couple hundred of his own money and realized he was holding onto nothing of value, we swooped in and own our rightful domain name once more.  WELCOME BACK TO  

In conclusion, our twenty-something selves did not know when we started this journey that we'd not only be playing music and having fun, but we'd also have to learn how to book shows, manage a business empire, be drivers and mechanics, amp techs, drum techs, recording engineers, producers, marketing salesmen, web designers, social networkers and shameless self pluggers. It's that last part, the shameless self pluggers we've been the least interested in and it is perhaps the biggest reason we haven't ticked the boxes on some of the other things.  It seems we're pretty ok with being cult heroes and that's more than many have achieved.  

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